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Touring Kits:


I proudly endorse TRX Cymbals: 14" BRT/DRK Hihats, 17" & 18" MDM Crash, 22" ICON Ride, 10" ALT Splash, 18" BRT China.


I proudly endorse Silverfox 5A, 5B & 7A Drumsticks, brushes and rods. 

Tama Starclassic Maple Series Drums (Champagne Sparkle Wrap)

22" Kick, 14"x6.5" Tama Bell Brass Snare, 10" (not shown) & 12" rack toms, 14" (not shown) & 16" floor toms.


Roland SPD-S Sampling Pad, Extreme Isolation EX-25 Headphones, Midas 402VLC4 Personal Mixer, RhythmTech Live Shaker



Starclassics at Lehigh University.JPG

Ludwig Classic Maple Series Drums (Corral Natural Wood Finish)

22" Kick, 14x6.5" Black Beauty Snare, 13x4" Pearl Piccolo Snare, 8" DW Piccolo Tom, 10" (not shown) & 12" Rack Tom, 14" & 16" Floor Toms

Zhach Kelsch's Touring drums. Ludwig, Remo, Roland, Silverfox Drumstricks, TRX Cymbals

Studio Kits:


Ludwig Centenniel Series Maple Drums

24" Kick, 14x6.5" Snare, 12" Rack Tom, 16" & 18" Floor Toms




Centennials at Goat Lair.jpg

Ludwig 1976 Vistalite Series Acrylic Drums (Bicentennial Edition)

22" Kick, 14x5" Snare, 12" & 13" Rack Toms, 16" Floor Tom

Vistalites at Goat Lair.jpg

Ludwig Breakbeats Series Maple Drums

16" Kick, 14x5" Snare, 10" Rack Tom, 13" Floor Tom

Zhach Kelsch's Ludwig Questlove cocktail kit set up at SixWill Studio. TRX Cymbals

Roland TD-15 V-drums


Roland SPD-SX Sampler Pad (Not Pictured)



Zhach Kelsch's practice drumkit. Roland

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