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Recording Services

Zhach Kelsch's mobile drum recording studio
Zhach Kelsch recording drums at SixWill Studios
Zhach Kelsch recording and mixing an artist at Soundmine Recording Studio
Remote Drum Tracking Services


A highly convenient and inexpensive way to get professional/high-quality drum tracks on your song, demo, or full length album. You will receive the benefit of an arsenal of professional-level Ludwig drums and TRX Hand-Hammered Cymbals in virtually every size and dimension (Geartailored for every project and recorded with a variety of top notch microphones into an analog Soundcraft board and converted into Pro Tools with a Presonus Firewire interface.


I've spared no expense and am excited to utilize the latest technology to supply master-ready drum tracks to artists, producers, songwriters and bands all over the world. The first project I completed this way was the critically-acclaimed full-length album, Three Feet From Gold, for the Dallas, TX-based politically-charged rock band, The Liberty Underground. Please check out some of the tracks on the Media Page of this site. 


Please send me an e-mail over on the Contact Page to discuss your project. 

In-Person Drum Tracking Services


If you've already booked a studio and would prefer that I record there, I'm always excited at the opportunity to get creative with new people in a new environment. This is a better option for projects with higher budgets since travel, meals, and in many cases gear cartage and lodging would be involved. It also offers the artist a much greater level of creative control over my performance since we'll be in the same room collaborating together.


Refer to the About page to learn more about the various studios, producers and record labels I've worked with in this way in the past.


Please send me an e-mail over on the Contact Page to discuss your project.

Record Your Entire Project


Although my home studio is setup mainly for drum tracking, I can take on small band demo projects, acoustic singer/songwriters, commercials, voice-overs, and the like. 


Please send me an e-mail over on the Contact Page to discuss your project. 


Soundcraft Ghost (24-channel mixing      console)

Presonus Firepod (8-channel          


Mac Pro

JBL Professional 3 Series Monitors

Orange 240W 16 ohm Lead Cabinet

Marshall JCM2000 Head

Marshall JCM900 Lead Cabinet

Ampeg SVT-5 Pro

Ampeg Classic Cabinet

Yamaha S08 Synth

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