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Touring/Performing & Recording Services

"Zhach is an absolute pleasure to work with, does his homework, throws down and all the while having fun. I'm all about the space between the notes, 'the pocket', which Zhach has a ZEN mastery of. He can play simple and/or crazy stuff, lots of head room here folks!"

-Aaron Fink (Breaking Benjamin, Earshot, Lifer)

"I had heard good things about Zhach through my network of musicians for years. One of the more recent being through a mutual friend who plays with Tommy Lee. I threw Zhach into a two rehearsal then gig situation with members of Dope and Trans Siberian Orchestra. He nailed it and is a total pro to work with. I'm looking forward to future gigs with Zhach."

-Jane Train (Liz Phair, Little Sister, Not By Sight, Headbanger's Ball, M80)

"5 stars--- Zhach learned our songs in no time. He's reliable, easy to contact and has a great attitude. I highly recommend anyone to work with him. Incredible drummer!

-Steve Schwartz (The Things They Carried, Revival Records)


Zhach Kelsch in the studio with Aaron Fink. Breaking Benjamin, Lifer, Stardog Champion
Zhach Kelsch and AJ Larsen at Soundmine Recording Studio. Madison Rising, Vicious, Don't Panic

"I've been able to work with Zhach on several occasions including touring. He is SUPER easy to work with and easily understands your needs in the studio. Instead of telling you what he is going to do, he is able to adapt and work WITH you to get the product you need. Zhach is my go-to guy for the studio or live! 

-AJ Larsen (Madison Rising, National Touring & Recording Artist)

"For the last 10 years I've kept Zhach on speed dial for all studio sessions and live gigs. Professional, reliable, and talented; he's a chameleon and fits into every gig he gets pitched."

-Mike Stang (LA-based Touring/Session Bassist & Composer)


"Thank you Zhach, you nailed it!"

-Claude Thibodeau (French-Canadian Country Artist and internet recording client)

"Zhach literally saved our tour and reputation. Last spring (2018), my band was about to hit the road and play some shows on our way to SXSW for a showcase set up by our label. We had some very last minute issues and suddenly found ourselves without a drummer. Cancelling at this point was not an option. Zhach met and rehearsed with us  the day before we left to go live together in an RV for a week. Totally professional in every way. No one knew he wasn't our regular drummer and that he learned the songs the night before our trip. We received plenty of compliments about his playing. We hope to never be in that situation again but if we ever did, we'd have nothing to worry about. Zhach has our back."

- Shawn Betz (Dr. Beardface and The Space Man; Altercation Records)

"Wonderfully creative, everything you promised and delivered early. Couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you."

-Cardillac Business Cards (Internet recording and video production client/Post Falls, Idaho)

"Fantastic drumming. Delivered exceptional quality. Thank you."

-Ryan Helman (Internet recording client/London, England)


"Zhach is a true professional, passionate about his craft and an inspiration to students. Of course he is a great drtummer but he is also a great teacher and a leader. Zhach is self motivated and takes initiative. He is always willing to go above and beyond for the benefit of the company and, more importantly, his students."

-Conway Rowe (Owner, Act Out Music)

"Drum lessons with Zhach Kelsch really helped me with my confidence and my songwriting goals. So grateful for this connection. "

-Mae B. (student)

"Zhach is great! He is very thorough in explaining drumming concepts and his lessons are structured that helps any level of expertise especially for beginners. Also, he helps with getting you out of your comfort zone and provides honest feedback on what to work on. I enjoy my weekly lessons with him and highly recommend!"

-Puja P. (student)

"I always wanted to learn drums and found Zhach to be the perfect teacher for me. His personality, knowledge, and relaxed atmosphere make every lesson just fun. I'm 49 with no drum experience and look forward to every lesson. If you ever wanted to play drums, definitely take a lesson from Zhach."

-Mike G. (student) 

"Zhach has been a great role model for our son. His patience and enthusiasm has continued to inspire our son to continue playing. He looks forward to his weekly lesson and we have been so pleased with everything Zhach has done in the two years our son has had lessons with him."

-Toby M. (parent of student)

"My son has been taking drum lessons with Zhach for one year. The fast progression is undeniable. My son is excited to meet with Zhach for lessons that he requested to attend even on his birthday. Zhach is truly one in a million."

-Valetta L. (parent of student)

"Zhach is a total professional. He is a very talented musician who somehow makes each lesson exciting and fun. Our granddaughter has been taking percussion with Zhach for about a year and looks forward to her lesson each week. She also plays drums in her school band and has become a better drummer because of Zhach. Thank you Zhach for your experience, knowledge and professionalism."

-Joan R. (grandparent of student)

"Zhach has been working with my son for about a year now, and his playing ability and love for drumming have both increased dramatically under Zhach’s tutelage. I would highly recommend Zhach for anybody learning to play the drums."

-Bernie L. (parent of student)

"Anyone thinking of taking lessons or getting their kids started need to contact Zhach. One of the Best in the Biz!!!!!!!"

-Joseph R. (student)

"Zhach is an awesome teacher. He keeps Alec inspired and pushes him to excel. Thank you for taking your time with my son."
-Zandra M. (parent of a student)


"Zhach is an amazing instructor. Get him while you can folks!"

-Marissa C. (parent of a student)


"Zhach is a great teacher and wonderful person. He is very professional but also personal and our son thinks the world of him. His patience and positive attitude encourage Noah. We couldn't ask for a better instructor for our 7 year old."

-Stacy T. (parent of a student)


"Awesome teacher and musician!!!"
-Darren W. (parent of student)


"When I started off, I kinda felt lost because I didn't know anything about drums but he really broke it down and made me understand it."

-Dariuz W. (student)

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